What do the “Cool Kids” know about Back Pain Relief?

The Back Pain Fix

Lower back pain can feel like an ice pick going into your back when you move.

Sometimes it if you sit still it will go away but as soon as you move it comes back.

It can even travel down your legs or hip region and cause sciatica.

It can hurt when you roll over in bed or even doing simple chores.

Most of the time it won’t go away on its own and over time can even get worse.

Our approach to back pain is to find and fix the underlying cause.  Most treatments just mask the symptoms.

Some of the problems that cause lower back pain are:

Pinched Nerves

Disc Problems

Myofascial trigger points

Misaligned vertebrae

Facet joint problems

Muscle imbalances.. Just to name a few.  In fact very few people with back pain have just one of these problems. Usually it is a combination.  That is why it is critical to have a proper evaluation to find out what is wrong so the correct treatment can be given.

We’ve helped thousands of people with lower back pain over the last 33 years.  We’ve seen it all.

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