Johnna Foster

Hi, I’m Johnna Foster. I grew up just a few short miles from the birthplace of modern chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa. I’m a lifelong chiropractic patient and have been with FOSTERing WELLNESS since day one, August 10, 1987! (…and married to Dr. Foster since 1981!) I hold many positions in the office. I will verify your insurance, compare that to our cash policy and let you know what will be your best option. Many times our cash discount is better than your insurance plan. I can help you set up an appointment for yourself, or anyone else in your family. When I’m not handling these responsibilities, I am at the front desk helping you to get comfortable in our office, sharing a chiropractic story with you, and working to make you smile. I want to affirm your decision to become a part of our practice. I juggle many other jobs in the office as well, for instance, until it’s baby’s turn to be adjusted, I will gladly hold him/her while you are getting getting your adjustment. “It’s a dirty job… but someone has to do it.” In my spare time, I love to spend it on the golf course and cooking for my family and reading good books. My favorite thing is being Andrew’s “Grammy.”

Nikki Ummel

Hi, I’m Nikki Ummel. I came to Vermont to attend Castleton State College and I never left. Upon graduation I worked in the field of social services. Prior to that I gained some experience in the field of event planning. I bring those experiences and skill to the task of my current job as the office manager for the FOSTERing WELLNESS clinic system. I have been with the FOSTERing WELLNESS team since 2000.

I’ve been married for 12 years to my business partner and best friend, Jay (we run a farm and B&B in Mt. Holly). I am a mom to two sons, Jameson and Courtland (CJ). My whole family gets adjusted. I loved getting adjusted during my pregnancies and believe that it helped me to have shorter and more comfortable labor.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you why we believe we offer the best there is in chiropractic services for you and your family.


Hi, I’m Liza. I’m the billing specialist here at FOSTERing Wellness. You may not always see me when you come in for your visit but I’m here! I work in the Brandon office, I assist in getting your insurance verified and I correspond with insurance companies when necessary and get things figured out when there is a problem. I think everyone here is dedicated to their job and that makes it a very positive place to be.

I live in Leicester with my husband and two children. We have a small hobby farm and a big garden. We enjoy Lake Dunmore in the summer and skiing at the Snow Bowl in the winter.

I’ve been a patient here since 2007, and more recently my whole family comes in for chiropractic care.


Hi, my name is Chris Bretaña. I have a long history with the Foster Family – going back to the late 80’s, but I have only been a part of the team since this year. You will see my smiling face as you enter our Brandon office. I love to laugh and be silly and take as many people along with me as possible! I love to act and can be seen often on stage with my local theater group. I have been a patient of FOSTERing WELLNESS forever! Being adjusted regularly has taken many distractions out of my life and added time to my day. I no longer spend time wondering why I don’t feel well, now I spend my time laughing and sharing my joy with others! I LOVE and LIVE Chiropractic.


Hi, I’m Marni. I grew up in a small, rural community in Central Illinois where I worked at my dad’s lumber yard for many years during and after my high school and college years. I went onto to work as a Registered Nurse in many settings, from the hospital to home care and hospice, to management at the American Red Cross Blood Services here in VT. After some time, I let my license lapse as my spouse and I traveled up and down the east coast over the course of the last 5 years. In the midst of those 5 years, I lived just down the street from the FOSTERing WELLNESS Brandon office for a year. Once I had my first adjustment from Dr. Taryn, I was hooked. Not only did regular adjustments improve my back pain and overall health, but I was also drawn in by the warm, welcoming atmosphere that is cultivated by the entire FOSTERing WELLNESS team. When I knew we were heading back to Vermont for good and considering what I wanted to pursue in terms of employment, I could think of nowhere else I would rather be than as a part of the FW team. Fortunately for me, as we prepared to settle down in Chester, there was an opening in the Springfield office. I am so thrilled to be working with this amazing group of people and interacting with our wonderful patients. When I’m not in the office, you can find me walking or hiking with my dogs, kayaking, cooking and baking, or volunteering with Bayada Hospice.


Hello, I’m Sarah and I’m the friendly face in the front office at Randolph Chiropractic! I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California but left in the early 2000’s to serve in the United States Navy. I’ve gotten to travel the world and experience things I never thought I would get to do. I joined the FOSTERing Wellness family in March 2018 and couldn’t be happier. My goal when you come into the office is that you leave knowing that we care about you and that to us you are more than just a patient. I’m a firm believer that regular chiropractic care changes your quality of life and helps you achieve your goals. When I’m not in the office I enjoy spending time with my daughter, cooking, kayaking or having a fun adventure with friends!