Johnna Foster

Business Manager

Hi, I’m Johnna Foster. I grew up just a few short miles from the birthplace of modern chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa. I’m a lifelong chiropractic patient and have been with FOSTERing WELLNESS since day one, August 10, 1987! (…and married to Dr. Foster, and mom to our 2 gorgeous grown girls) I used to hold many positions in the office, but now my time is mostly spent training, and bookkeeping. When I’m not handling these responsibilities, I enjoy traveling to see family and friends. I love to spend free time at the golf course and cooking for my family and reading good books. My favorite thing is being “Grammy,” to 3 boys Andrew, Foster, and Bo, and our new little princess, Palmer.









Nikki Ummel

Business Manager


Hi I’m Nikki Ummel. I have worked with the FOSTERing WELLNESS team since 2000. I came on board when we had one office, two computers and still kept paper ‘books’. My how the times have changed. For years, I was at the front desk helping our patients. Currently, I am the Business Manager for the FOSTERing WELLNESS clinic system. I work tirelessly to help our staff bring excellence to our patients in everything we do. I love my job.

I live with my husband of 18 years, Jay, and our two boys on a small farm in Mount Holly. I enjoy spending time outside with my family and caring for our animals. In my spare time, I love reading (historical fiction), knitting (blankets just beyond my skill set), and traveling (to anywhere I haven’t been).

I was first exposed to chiropractic when I started working in the office. After one week on the job, I couldn’t believe that no one told me about the powers of chiropractic. I had suffered from horrible sciatic pain during my college years and suffered years and years of headaches. The benefits I have experienced make me a lifelong chiropractic advocate.

Now, my whole family gets adjusted! I loved getting adjusted during my pregnancies and believe that it helped me have shorter and more comfortable labor. My boys, now age 10 & 13, have been adjusted since the day they were born and still count on their adjustments to keep them in shape for soccer, baseball, and wrestling.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you why we believe we offer the best there is in chiropractic services for you and your family.


Elsa Lamphere

Office Manager – Springfield


“Hola para todos,” “Hi to everyone,” I am Elsa Lamphere I am a 41 year old  Mexican American USMC Vet from the great Southwest ~born in Denver Colorado & raised in El Paso, Texas.  I have a son Isaiah Lamphere who is eight years old  and a sweet cat named Ramen who is thirteen. My wordly curiosity started at a young age; I used to say that when I was older I was going to live somewhere green like Montana and here I am in in beautiful Vermont!  I graduated early from High School and two months later I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17.  I have been out on the grand journey of life ever since: USMC, a twenty year tenure at Newsbank in The Operational Group in Chester, and currently I am employed at Fostering Wellness.  After I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps I was t-boned in a car accident on the highway of death.  I was badly injured and I have needed care for this injury ever since.  Looking back and reflecting on my wellness journey,  Newsbank made many accommodations through out the years due to this injury.  They issued an ergonomic assessment and through out the years issued a key board, stand up desks, and production area modifications.  During COVID this injury came back with a vengeance ~ it lead me to Fostering Wellness.   I came in stiff and a little depressed.   I first came in as a Patient and a year later, I transferred over in to my current role managing the Office in Springfield.  A wonderful, yet challenging transition; however, one that I am so grateful for.  I have been to other lovely Chiros in town, Dr. Pena and Julie Flack and I as a bad patient did not stick to the recommendations.  I believe in the power of adjustment and what it does to your overall well being.  I strongly believe in maintaining a healthy balance one that requires attention to your mental well being, your physical, and spiritual self.  Having those three in alignment ~ha~ has lead me to a better outlook; I am a better person for it.

Angie Uselton

Office Manager – Brandon


Moving back to Vermont after 27 years of raising my family in Oklahoma has been an experience. Finding a job that did not mean traveling over an hour had been very challenging for me in Vermont. My job experience for over 40 years has been in the customer service and sales industry. When the opportunity came to me from FOSTERing Wellness I knew that this was going to be life changing.
Coming to work and talking with patients and seeing how their vacation went or what they have been doing since their last visit is so rewarding.
My co workers have been extremely kind, compassionate, generous and very humorous. The work environment here at FOSTERing WELLNESS is the best I have experienced in my work history.
In my free time I enjoy Mountain Biking, swimming walking and any outdoor activities.
My future goals are to maintain a positive outlook, listen and guide people to obtain their limitless potentials.

Meredith Manning

Office Manager – Randolph

I enjoy hunting, 4 wheeling and being a Grandma. I came to FOSTERing WELLNESS looking for a job closer to my home and still be able to help people with their journey to be healthy in a natural way. I am glad they chose me to be part of the FOSTERing WELLNESS Family. I love getting to know our patients and hearing about their lives. During my interview, Dr Charles said ” We want our patients to know they are important to us, We want everyone to be acknowledged when they walk in the front door by lifting our heads and saying HELLO” That is when I knew I found the perfect fit for me.


Merradee Lyons

Billing Specialist













Amber Grover

Multiple Office Manager

Danielle Davis

Office Manager – Rutland

Before becoming the Office Manager here at FOSTERing WELLNESS – Rutland, I have always worked and been in the business of connecting with people. Whether it be teaching gymnastics to preschoolers, all the way to working in a middle/high school guidance office as a secretary, I am always thankful and grateful for all of the connections that stayed with me and gave me purpose.

It’s my belief that we all have a purpose and I certainly have found mine in Chiropractic Care! The team here at FOSTERing WELLNESS is more like a family than anything; supporting and pouring love into each other.

An interesting thing to know about me is that I was a patient for many years before I started my career here. People have described me as passionate, caring, and spunky.

I have a beautiful family of 4, I am a consistent member of my church, and love to help my community whenever I can.

Some personal goals of mine are to learn to play guitar and travel to different countries, some including Ireland, Africa, and Australia. My hope is to inspire people to want to take care of, not just their bodies but their minds too.