Natural Relief for Shoulder Pain

Natural Relief for Shoulder Pain:  Rutland, Brandon, Randolph and Springfield VT

If your “Shoulder Pain” causes any of these symptoms, maybe you should give us a call.

  1. Shoulder pain that wakes you up at night
  2. Limited  and or painful Range of motion
  3. Pain with or inability to put on a shirt or bra
  4. Pain that shoots down the side of the arm with movement
  5. Stabbing pain when picking up something like Milk from the fridge
  6. “Dead arm” sensation in the middle of night or morning
  7. “Rice Krispy Crunching” with movement.
  8. Shoulder and arm fatigue that sets on quickly, like when working overhead, for instance, changing a light bulb.

We use “time honored, non-invasive” health services in our approach when helping people with shoulder pain.  We first do a thorough history and exam to determine what the is the cause of the problem and then, depending on our findings, we use soft tissue techniques, safe, comfortable chiropractic adjustments to the spine and shoulder, postural correction, mobilization and exercise to ease pain and restore function.  Sometimes we use just one of these methods and other times we employ them all. The most important part to your success is for us to find the underlying cause. The problem can arise from one or more of the over 20 shoulder muscles having some kind of damage or dysfunction. The problem can also originate in the spine with some level of nerve irritation,or the shoulder joint itself, with degeneration or inflammation that can limit motion and exhibit pain and loss of strength.  Most people have some combination of these and that is why it really requires someone with experience and technical skill to make a proper diagnosis and provide effective treatment. Our program was developed out of necessity, as couple of our doctors have suffered from one kind shoulder pain or another. After working with other doctors, and orthopedists and neurologists and applying the principles we know from chiropractic, we’ve a good understanding of the causes of shoulder pain and have enjoyed good success in addressing this condition with many of our practice members.  The good news is that unlike physical therapy where a typical session can last up to an hour, our program takes a fraction of the time, a fraction of the cost, and we still get amazing results. We have successfully helped hundreds of patients with shoulder problems in our 31 years of practice. From high school and college athletes, to high performance athletes who compete in events like Spartan Races, to weekend warriors and to people who sit at a desk all day and don’t exercise at all. we’ve seen practically every different kind of case. Have we helped them all? No, but we have helped most and we’ve done it without drugs or surgery..

If you would like to see if we can help you, we offer a free consultation to see if our unique treatment protocol is right for you.  Click the button below to request a free, no obligation, consultation. We have chiropractic offices in Rutland, Brandon, Randolph and Springfield VT.  We also accept most major insurance and have affordable options for the uninsured and underinsured.


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