Hi! I’m Dr. Taryn Mason,

Patients that have been around for a long time will have seen me running around the office in diapers, working behind the front desk as a Chiropractic Assistant and now serving our patients as a Chiropractor since 2014. I guess you could say I grew up in this office and am now living out my lifelong dream of being a chiropractor.

All throughout high school, college and graduate school I was an athlete. I always thought I would want to focus on athletes in my chiropractic career. Athletes put a lot of demands on their bodies and chiropractic care helps with optimal performance so it seemed like a good fit. As I was studying a lot of neurology in chiropractic college my focus began to pivot. The more I understood about brain development and how abnormal patterns established in a child’s brain and nervous system can affect them for the rest of their life I decided I wanted to focus on pediatrics. I have committed myself to learning the best ways to care for pregnant women and children. I have been a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association since 2017. I am a Webster Certified chiropractor which is a technique commonly used with pregnant women to ensure that their nervous system and pelvis are optimized allowing for the best pregnancy and birthing process. I am currently participating in pediatric research and working towards a certification from the ICPA. I am constantly in the pursuit of more knowledge in order to better serve our patients. I still enjoy taking care of athletes and grown ups of all shapes and sizes but kids are certainly my passion.

More about Dr. Taryn Mason

Dr. Mason was born and raised in Brandon, Vermont. She graduated high school in 2007 and moved to Iowa to attend Cornell College where she played softball and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise science. After graduation from Cornell in 2011 she began chiropractic college at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While at Palmer Dr. Mason was a member of the Palmer Women’s Rugby Football Club and an active in the Gonstead Technique club. At graduation she was nominated for the prestigious Virgil Strang Philosophy award and got to witness her dad (Dr. Foster) give the commencement speech at the graduation ceremony. Dr. Mason is currently a part owner of our Springfield and Randolph locations. Dr. Mason is a member of the ICPA (international chiropractic pediatric association) and the VCA (Vermont Chiropractic Association). Dr. Mason is also a member of “The Truth about Fertility” a group that learns about and focuses on preconception health for families struggling with fertility or just seeking to have the healthiest babies possible.

Dr. Mason married her college sweetheart, Cole, in 2014 and lives with him and their dog Fenway in Rochester, Vermont. Dr. Mason loves to read, work in her garden, play with her nephews, travel and hike. On a recent trip to Japan Dr. Mason had the opportunity to hike Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan.