Consistency Is Key

By Janaiah von Hassel

In December of last year, I wrote an article “Sensory Sensitivities and Chiropractic Care” which was featured in the most recent edition of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine. In this article I discussed how my son, Corbin, diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and autism, had improved dramatically with his sensory sensitivities after we began chiropractic care. This coming spring will mark three years that Corbin has been under chiropractic care, as well as three years that I’ve been committed to understanding and sharing the importance of continually checking children for subluxations.

Over the past two years I’ve worked as the co-creator of Kiro Kidz helping other offices reach families in their community using the educational materials we’ve created, as well as resources from the ICPA, Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine, and the research of Keith Wassung.

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