Can Selenium Decrease Your Risk for Osteoporosis?

A recent study published in the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders looked at the connection between the intake of the mineral selenium and the development of osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones lose density.  This makes the bone much easier to fracture.  The condition will effect 1 in 5 males and 1 in 3 females.


The Scientists looked at over 6000 people and tracked their selenium intake.  What they found was that those with osteoporosis had the lowest intakes of selenium, even when they accounted for other factors such as age and gender.  Although the authors do believe that other nutrients are most likely also involved, they decided to focus only on selenium.  From their results they stated the following:


“The findings of our study may give a hint of the pathogenesis of [osteoporosis], and future studies of dietary intake, including [selenium] supplementary intake, on the risk of [osteoporosis] are warranted.”

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